Voting Issues

Tuasil ao
Tuasil @ Lunaria
posted Wed at 18:07


If you vote and you are not receiving points make sure that you follow some guidelines.

Make sure that your character is linked on enjin's website. Follow this guide:
Make sure you check add character to global or just Lunaria if you want.

Enter your username correctly. It's CaSe-SeNsItIvE.

Wait for at least ~60 secs and refresh the page. Depending on which voting site, times may vary.

Make sure you wait at least 24 hours before voting.

Disable any VPN you might be using. If you do not know what a VPN is do not worry about it.

If you're voting link does not receive a green check mark after 5mins and you have tried the above message me and I will troubleshoot.

Thanks for all you do!!!


Welcome to Lunaria!!

Tuasil ao
Tuasil @ Lunaria
posted Mar 17, 19

Please give some votes and post on the forum with any suggestions to make the server or website better. I want to keep this server community driven as much as possible. Thanks for all you do!!



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